==1.==individuals,characters, folks替换(people ,persons)
  2. positive, favorable, rosy (美好的), promising(有希望的), perfect, pleasurable , excellent, outstanding, superior替换good
  ==3.==dreadful, unfavorable, poor, adverse, ill (有害的)替换bad
  如果bad做表语,可以有be less impressive替换
  eg.An army of college students indulge themselves in playing games,enjoying romance with girls/boys or killing time passively in their dorms. When it approaches to graduation ,as a result, they find their academic records are less impressive.
  4.(an army of, an ocean of, a sea of, a multitude of ,a host of, many, if not most)替换many.
  注:用many, if not most 一定要小心,many后一定要有词。
  Eg. Many individuals, if not most, harbor the idea that…。同理 用most, if not all ,替换most.
  ==5.==a slice of, quiet a few,several替换some
  6.(harbor the idea that,take the attitude that,hold the view that,it is widely shared that,it is universally acknowledged that)替think
  ==7.==affair ,business ,matter 替换thing
  ==8.==shared 代 common
  ==9.==reap huge fruits 替换get many benefits )
  ==10.==for my part ,from my own perspective 替换 in my opinion
  ==11.==Increasing(ly),growing 替换more and more( 注意没有growingly这种形式。所以当修饰名词时用increasing/growing.修饰形容词,副词用increasingly.
  Eg.sth has gained growing popularity.
  Sth is increasingly popular with the advancement of sth.
  ==12.==little if anything, 或little or nothing替换hardly
  ==13.==beneficial, rewarding替换helpful,
  ==14.==shopper,client,consumer,purchaser, 替换customer
  ==15.==exceedingly,extremely, intensely 替换very
  ==16.==hardly necessary, hardly inevitable …… 替换 unnecessary, avoidable
  ==17.==sth appeals to sb, sth exerts a tremendous fascination on sb 替换sb take interest in / sb. be interested in
  ==18.==capture one’s attention替换attract one‘s attention.
  ==20.==be indicative of ,be suggestive of ,be fearful of代 indicate, suggest ,fear
  ==21.==give rise to, lead to, result in, trigger 替换cause.
  ==22.==There are several reasons behind sth 替换……reasons for sth
  ==23.==desire 替换want.
  ==24.==pour attention into 替换pay attention to
  ==25.==bear in mind that 替换remember
  ==26.==enjoy, possess 替换have(注意process是过程的意思)
  27. interaction替换communication
  ==28.==frown on sth替换 be against , disagree with sth
  ==29.==to name only a few, as an example替换 for example,for instance
  30. next to / virtually impossible,替换nearly / almost impossible